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  •  Energy
  •  Amsterdam, NL
  •  50% (f) / 50% (m)
  • Avg. age 29 years
  •  70 employees
  •  Active in The Netherlands

Working at Fastned

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Once every while, there's an opportunity to join a young, rapidly growing company that matters to the future. At Fastned you can work on tangible sustainable infrastructure to accelerate electric mobility. The mission of Fastned is to accelerate the transition to 100% electric transportation. We do this by building and operating a European network of fast charging stations where all electric cars can be recharged with renewable electricity. We believe there's a huge opportunity to reinvent service stations along high traffic locations to make travel fundamentally cheaper, cleaner and more enjoyable.

Today Fastned is operating a network of over 60 charging stations along the Dutch highways and in cities. We are expanding this network to other countries. Fastned builds, owns and operates all stations. The focus of our first expansion wave is Germany and London. Fastned is also preparing to enter the Belgian and Swiss markets.