Level up your employer brand

Attract your target audience and build your brand by consistently highlighting:

  • your unique company characteristics
  • your engaging brand story
  • appealing photos & videos
  • authentic stories of your employees
  • your compelling corporate culture
  • what your company stands for

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Employer branding made simple

Custom branded company page

A company page on MPLOYRS.com establishes your brand, showcases your offerings, and highlights why you're an exceptional place to work. Gain a competitive edge and attract top candidates with a compelling company profile.


Appealing photos & videos

Enhance your company page with captivating photos and videos that set you apart. Engage your audience with visually appealing content, driving increased traffic. Leverage the power of storytelling to establish trust and forge connections with your candidates.


Branded content; jobs & events

Maximize your website traffic and attract top-tier candidates by featuring your job(s) on your company page. Highlight the opportunity for in-person engagement, enticing candidates to reach out and establish connections with your company. Drive greater interest and engagement in your job openings to expand your talent pool.


Authentic stories of your employees

Harness the power of authentic employee stories to enhance your company's credibility. By showcasing these compelling narratives on your company page and Careerstories.com, you inspire the right talent to forge meaningful connections with your organization. Don't wait for candidates to stumble upon your website – captivate them with compelling employee stories that resonate and leave a lasting impression.


Perks & benefits

Stand out from the competition by showcasing what your company has to offer. Transparency about employee benefits, growth opportunities, and company culture can sway suitable candidates to choose your organization. Don't miss out on potential applicants – highlight your unique offerings and attract top talent to join your team.


Extra sections (diversity, etc.)

Capture the attention of the current generation of workers by demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility, diversity, and sustainability. Showcase your company's initiatives and values to attract the right individuals who align with your organization's vision and purpose. By highlighting what you do and what you have to offer, you'll resonate with the right people and build a team that shares your values.


Contact details

Increase your candidate pool by including comprehensive contact details in your company profile. Make it easy for website visitors to reach you via various channels such as website forms, phone, or social media. When potential candidates express interest in your company, they are more likely to seek further information and engage with you.


Smart matching

To stand out from competitors, we employ a wide range of selection criteria that enhance your visibility as an employer. This ensures an optimal match with candidate preferences and generates a high-quality influx of candidates to your company.


Niche employer branding channels

To connect with the top candidates for your company, we utilize targeted channels that align with their needs and enable you to showcase your employer brand effectively. We focus on matching based on your industry expertise, specialized topics like diversity and sustainability, as well as your company's notable achievements.

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