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Hire better talent.

Become discoverable and more visible to your target audience and save on your recruitment costs today.

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Elevate your brand. Hire better talent.

Become findable and visible to your audience and save on your recruitment costs today.

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Employer branding focused

We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking platform, which is revolutionizing the way employers connect with top talent and build their employer brand. Our platform simplifies the recruitment process for both employers and applicants by reducing the overwhelming number of job listings and placing emphasis on the person-organization fit, resulting in more sustainable employment relationships.

Why we're here

Reach your ideal candidates based on their needs and preferences.

In a diverse world, each organization and candidate is unique with distinctive qualities and expectations in their professional journey.

We believe that employers and candidates are ultimately looking for the same thing: the right fit.

In today's talent landscape, top candidates prioritize company culture and values. They value social responsibility, sustainability, and diversity, seeking organizations that align with their personal beliefs.

Supercharge your talent acquisition

Aligning your company with candidate aspirations empowers you to attract exceptional talent in advance, optimizing resources and driving cost savings. Nurture a thriving workforce effortlessly.

How we help


Collect key employer data

Unleash data-driven technology to seamlessly connect job seekers with your organization. We gather comprehensive, relevant information to attract ideal candidates—job types, qualifications, values. Together, we'll find the perfect match for your company.


Distinctive employer profile

With our wealth of data, we create a captivating employer profile that offers a comprehensive glimpse into your vibrant culture, exceptional individuals, and exciting career paths. Engage active and passive candidates with an authentic portrayal of your company.


Share your unique story

After capturing the essence of your employer story, we amplify its visibility and empower you to share it widely. Through our advanced filters and niche propositions, we guarantee that your story reaches your intended audience in the most impactful and engaging manner possible.


Hire qualified candidates

With your captivating story showcased to highly qualified talent aligned with your company's vision, you effortlessly attract, recruit, and retain ideal individuals for resounding success. Let us help build a powerhouse team driving your organization to new heights.

Employer branding made simple

Attract, inspire & engage the right talent.

  • Discoverable on criteria that you value the most
  • Consistently visible to your target audience
  • Show what makes your company a great place to work
  • Attract & inspire candidates you really need
  • Engage and retain the best employees
  • Boost your employer brand
  • Build a relevant talent pool

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Employer branding made simple

Add your employer profile today.

How we make a difference

International scope

Broaden your reach, accessing a diverse pool of exceptional global candidates. Our international network connects you with top talent possessing specialized expertise and skills not readily found locally. Unleash the power of global talent for your success.

Passive candidates

Unleash the transformative power of our seamless approach, captivating both active and passive candidates. Be their leading choice as they pursue their next career move. Let us guide you in securing exceptional talent for unprecedented success.

Proprietary technology

Unlock our data-driven technology for a lasting connection with your audience. Our innovative approach ensures precise matches and high visibility, highlighting your brand above the competition. Elevate presence, attract top talent, and propel your success.

Targeted promotions

Our niche-based employer profiles empower effective targeting and engagement with the desired audience. Categorized profiles seamlessly connect employers with the right talent, enhancing alignment for optimal results.

Why we're here

Want your brand to come to life?

We help companies solve problems like:

  • How do I share an authentic story about what it’s really like to work here with a wider audience?
  • How can I attract the right quality talent who might not have considered or heard of our company?
  • How can I build my employer brand and attract more talent - to increase traffic to our career site and build a talent pool?


We bring your company to life with customized content and inspiring features on MPLOYRS.com. Through smart search methods and targeted niche channels, we strategically showcase your profile to attract exceptional talent and elevate your employer brand. Additionally, our platform Careerstories.com acts as a powerful tool to highlight your employees and their authentic stories, inspiring and attracting exceptional talent to your company.

But why is this important?

Finding the right candidates demands time, money, and effort. By continuously showcasing your profile and stories, you'll attract qualified candidates, saving valuable time, resources, and costs.

What our partners are saying

Board | STAR Management Week

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Employer Branding Media (De Carrièrebus) is a phenomenon that the students of the Rotterdam School of Management look forward to every year. The unique combination of sincere, professional and tailor-made career advice makes it a valuable activity to start your career with! Furthermore, Employer Branding Media has proven its flexibility by once again organizing a successful event in a digital environment this year. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to orient themselves in the complex labor market.

Lotte van den Berg | Pon

Senior recruiter & Employer branding

“ Employer Branding Media (De Carrièrebus) is unique! Not only in the service, but also in the contact with both the client and the student. They are perfectly able to find the right match between the ambition and needs of the student and the wishes and needs of a company. This has everything to do with the personal attention they have for the students and the way they do relationship management. Through De Carrièrebus, the student gets a good impression of our organization and I am always put in contact with quality candidates who have a sincere interest in Pon.

Noor Kok | Achmea

Campus recruiter & Employer branding

“ Ever since my working years as a Campus Recruiter, my collaboration with Employer Branding Media (De Carrièrebus) is a warm welcome for Achmea! Employer Branding Media helps us with online and offline visibility among the target group of students and starters. And of the few national companies that do this in such a personal and informal way. A really good ambassador for many companies, including Achmea. That's how it feels. Employer Branding Media knows Achmea very well. She knows what Achmea does and what Achmea stands for. What the challenges are for the company and what culture it has. Employer Branding Media regularly visits our office (to get a taste of the atmosphere) or we call for the latest developments. And every now and then we meet at an event. Informal and short lines. Think proactively about how our company can be put on the map even better. Last year we made a promotional video (for online use) and developed new postcards (for offline use). I regularly hear from interested candidates that they have seen these tools and have become curious about our company. Our cooperation has been very fruitful in recent years. Employer Branding Media regularly puts interested candidates in touch with us. Through conversations with students and graduates, she knows exactly who would be a good fit for us. This often results in fun, sometimes unexpected conversations. We have even been able to welcome several trainees via Employer Branding Media! In brief; a very nice partner to build a long lasting relationship with!

You're in good company

Our customers are employers of choice ranging from leading global brands to fast growing startups to mission-driven organizations of all sizes.

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What students and recent grads are saying

Zoë Bosschaart

Bachelor Creative Technology

“ I had a career advice meeting with De Carrièrebus during the Business Days Twente. They pointed me to a traineeship at Calco, which turned out to be the perfect match! So I had a very pleasant experience with them!

Lieke Peeters

MSc. International Business Marketing-Finance

“ I met Leon from De Carrièrebus at the Maastricht Business Days '22. He helped me beyond my expectations. De Carrièrebus does not only improve your CV, but really takes the time to sit down with you to figure out what you want and where you would be great fit. Leon talked to me about opportunities I did not even consider before – widening my perspective – and got me in touch with a potential employer.

Elles van Geest

MSc. Organisational Change & Consulting

De Carrièrebus has ensured that I have found my match with the right company and that after graduation I immediately move on to their Management Traineeship! Twice during my study time I had a personal conversation with them and got a lot out of it. They ask the right questions and come up with appropriate suggestions. The focus is not only on your resume, but they really look at the person themselves. Very clever how they do this in a short conversation!

Kay van Zonderen

MSc. Sustainable Finance

“ During my board year I organized several events in which I collaborated with De Carrièrebus. Each time, I was amazed by their professionalism and enthusiasm. From the beginning of the morning until the end of the afternoon they were equally helpful and took extensive time to help everyone in the best possible way. I know several students who have benefited enormously from their expertise and helpfulness and I myself belong to that group.