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What is a 'traineeship' employer?

A 'traineeship' employer refers to a company that offers traineeships—a specialized program designed for recent graduates and entry-level individuals in the job market. During a traineeship, participants have the opportunity to work while simultaneously developing their expertise in a specific field, such as management, marketing, finance, or IT. The structure and duration of these traineeships may vary from one employer to another, typically lasting from one to two years. Throughout this period, trainees undertake various assignments, receive extensive training, and benefit from guidance to further enhance their skills and knowledge.

Where can you find employers offering traineeships?

If you are a student seeking a traineeship, you've come to the right place at! is the platform where you can discover employers offering traineeships, including renowned companies like Lidl, ABN AMRO, Heineken, Deloitte, and many others. The platform provides a comprehensive overview of employers offering traineeships at both university (WO) and applied sciences (HBO) levels.

What is the best time to apply for a traineeship?

The application process for traineeships often follows fixed schedules, similar to "intake groups" or cohorts. Many companies have one or two application periods each year. The first round typically takes place in the fall (starting from September), and the second round in the spring (starting from February). To stay informed about specific application and start dates for traineeships, you can use the "Starting dates" filter on the platform.

Who can apply for a traineeship?

Traineeships usually have their own admission criteria, but they generally target recent graduates or individuals with up to two years of work experience. Some traineeships may exclusively focus on graduates with a university degree, while others might require a specific educational background. By using the "Educational level" and "Study backgrounds" filters, you can find employers offering traineeships that align with your qualifications.

Different types of traineeships

On, you can choose from various types of traineeships, each catering to diverse sectors and fields of expertise. Whether you are interested in general management, IT, finance, or other fields, the "Traineeship types" filter will help you discover employers offering traineeships in your desired area.

These programs are specially designed to benefit both the trainee and the organization, providing an optimal start to your career journey.

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